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“Energetic Protection, or, How to Maintain Your Sanity in a World Gone Mad!”


Every day we are bombarded by energies that aren’t ours. Lower vibrational thoughtforms and emotional clouds from others, microwaves and radiation from the technology on the planet, as well as the shadowed entities that are looking for a meal. How can one even think with all this psychic noise?

This lecture is the one that every person who is living during these chaotic times needs. Energetic protection is more important than ever if you are sensitive to the energies that are constantly working to invade our fields 24/7, whether they are human or inhuman.

This course has always been a prerequisite to any metaphysical education I offer, and now I am offering it for free! In this lecture, you will learn why we need protection and how to protect ourselves, quickly and effortlessly. 

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